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    Jens Voigt’s famous mantra painted on the road in Geelong, Australia, during the World Championship Men’s Road Race.

    Everybody loves Jens Voigt, right? While he’s still teasing us with his “final season”, I want to put together a fanzine to celebrate all the seasons, even the ones to come. Please submit essays, poems, portraits, comics, gifs, even your favourite quotes. Whatever you make, as long as I can copy-and-paste it into a .pdf.

    A few details:

    - writing should be no more than 1000 words. Please submit as .doc, .rtf, or .txt. 

    - submit visual art (drawings or photos) as .png, .gif, or .jpg.

    - include names and URLs as you would like to be credited.

    - artists retain all rights to their work. 

    Please submit to everybodylovesjensvoigt@gmail.com before the end of this year’s Tour de France, July 27th 2014. The works will be collected in a .pdf and available for download. Any questions can be emailed or submitted to my ask box.


  3. Anonymous asked: Is Cancellara the best pro cyclist to never have won a grand tour?


    That’s kind of a strange question, like asking if someone’s the best power hitter never to pitch a shutout. 

    Changes in the sport over the past two decades (paying people enough to not race constantly, big rosters with specific sub-teams aimed at specific types of races, data-driven training, power/mass analysis, oxygen vector drug testing) have really put a real divider between people who have a reasonable chance to win a Grand Tour and every one else.

    Bernard Hinault Sean Kelly (had to look it up) was the last Roubaix winner to win a Grand Tour, the ‘88 Vuelta. Maybe Wiggins kinda has a shot at adding himself to the list of Roubaix/GT winners? I guess we’ll see tomorrow.

    Anyway, I think Cancellara is one of the all-time greats regardless. If you want to make the non-GT winner distinction, he’d be up against Johan Museeuw and Roger DeVlaeminck. I guess it depends on how you rate the World TT title.

    For me, this ‘07 TdF stage is still the best Cancellara moment. Really highlights the raw 1 minute power advantage he leverages to make the gap in his race winning moves.

  4. It’s coming.

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    The BFFs are on the same team again!

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    have bikes will travel.

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    2014 Tirreno-Adriatico, Stage 3: Bernie may not win any stages of this race but he does win the Sexiest Bidon Carrier title.

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    Strade Bianche 2014 (by Alefederico)

    Jesus. Check that incline.


  10. "the full Armstrong story only underscores what we already knew: that humans probably shouldn’t be cycling 3,391 kilometres in three weeks."
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    From this week’s TechKnow: Alabama’s HERObike workshop aims to use bamboo to save a local economy

    And they look cool, too.

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    Tour of Beijing 2013

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  14. I love everyone in this peloton.

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    Wooden treat

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